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MSK is the all-natural herbal alkaloid 
Ends embarrassing 
prejac and fuels the powerful
Long lasting performance women crave




All-natural herbal alkaloid 
Ends embarrassing 
prejac and
fuels the powerful

Long lasting performance
women crave

... I was in the office breakroom joking with Derrick,
my hot-shot coworker, when Jenny walked in.

I KNEW I couldn’t satisfy a woman sexually

And it wasn’t just some irrational fear

It was based on years of pain and embarrassment:

-- The look of disappointment on a girls face after 30 seconds of sex

-- Girls who seemed to like me, but stopped calling/texting back after we slept together

-- Girlfriends dumping me after a couple months, regardless of how well we got along OUTSIDE the bedroom...

The worst part was worrying my woman was thinking about finding another man

Another man who could give her the long solid pounding she couldn’t get from me

** Now flashback to the break room **

The blood rushed to my face as
Derrick bragged about how good he gave it to Jenny.

But then...

A lightbulb moment...

"Maybe he knows about something I don’t "

So instead of getting mad, I asked him

“How do you keep your stamina so high? Sometimes I can’t go for any longer than a few minutes”

He turned to me, and leaning in said:

“Wow Mr. Honesty over here! Do you really want to know?”

I said, “You bet I do!”

“Ok but don’t tell the other guys. Promise?”

“You got it man. You have my word.”

He said:

It’s called MSK…

I interrupted him:
“MSK? Wait, is this like horny goat weed or tree bark?

“Nah man, that stuff barely does anything. I know because I’ve tried everything.

I told him “Let’s just stick with MSK to keep it easy”

He continued:

“It’s an herbal blend I learned about travelling in Malaysia. The rural farmer men have used it for centuries as a tea...

“It’s like a tradition in the jungles there.

“They drink it to last super long with their wives.

“I guess in their culture, the women are more sexually demanding.

“Maybe if the man doesn’t perform,
his wife will shrink his head and make a stew out of him! Haha!

But no seriously,
This stuff works...
it’s like fuel for your rocket!

"... it's like fuel for your rocket!"

He slapped me on the back and said he’d
show me how to make it some time.

I must have looked skeptical, because he said:

“Don’t worry it’s totally natural and safe. The main plant is actually in the same family as the coffee tree.

“It’s legal too so don’t worry about that.

“And here’s the crazy thing. I got a buddy in the porn business. He’s just a cameraman but you know what he told me? The male pornstars take this stuff to keep up their stamina and shoot huge loads! "

“And here’s the crazy thing. I got a buddy in the porn business. He’s just a cameraman but you know what he told me? The male pornstars take this stuff to keep up their stamina and shoot huge loads! "

( For some reason
it didn’t surprise me
Derrick knew someone
in the porn business. )

So I said “Ok, well, count me in!”

He explained the blending process was a bit messy, so we agreed to meet the next evening at his pad, where he could show me the process.

Here's a little background:

Like I said it’s actually from the same family as the coffee plant, though it works differently.

Native men in Malaysia blend the leaves together with a few other common ingredients, all into a tea, to prolong their stamina without losing sensitivity.

*** The next day, I went to Derrick’s apartment after work ***

He explained that it’s this specific combination which causes the stamina, because it activates the natural compounds and alkaloids more effectively.

( these other minor ingredients are completely safe as well, and
you can find them for cheap at most grocery stores)

Before we dove in, Derrick stopped me at his kitchen counter and gave me the overview...

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: A couple hours before sexy time, just drink this tea.

Step 2: Relax and proceed as normal.

Step 3: Enjoy the best sex of your life, as long as you want.

Derrick showed me the recipe on a Thursday evening.

Catherine was coming over later that night

So I made a plan: I’d cook a nice dinner, put on some Netflix, and put my new discovery to the test!

He handed the glass to me and said bottoms up!

I have to admit, it tasted… ”planty.” Not good at all

But I figured “Hey, if it turns you into a wild stallion, don’t hesitate. Give it a shot!”

Later that night, Catherine and I ended up in bed

And I railed her for the longest I’ve ever gone!

I was enjoying every second of it.

But there was something I never experienced before... my manhood felt every sensation, throbbing energy, but I could stop myself from climaxing

This time, when she moaned and
told me not to stop 

I just kept on giving it to her hard and deep

I didn’t have to distract myself with mind games or tensing up to stop from exploding.

I was in the zone

We came together at the same time...the first time that’s EVER happened to me with a woman

Overnight, my life changed.

And Catherine changed! She warmed up to me like a horny little kitten.

She started doing sweet things for me, cooking,
sending me sexy texts, and
now she goes down on me every chance she gets

She knows I won’t come too fast, so she can savour my hardness in her mouth...until she’s wet and ready to take me inside her.

It’s like I’m 18 again...only this time I can last as long as I want.

MSK was a complete GAME CHANGER for me

By the way...I still haven’t told her my secret.

At first I had to go to Derrick’s place to get the ingredients. I already saw enough of him at the office 5 days a week. (He’s kind of a douche bag)

Making the tea took a while, and required washing the pots afterwards...
plus it made my kitchen smell like dirt

Not to mention, Derrick didn’t have any upcoming trips to Malaysia!

 I needed a simple,
 easy way to
 get my “magic boner potion” 
 on my own 

So I did some research and figured out how to dry the leaves, the supporting ingredients, and put it all into powder form, so I could put it into capsules.

That way I could just take a couple easy to swallow caps along with a swig of juice, without tasting the bitter planty flavor.

I gave a few capsules to some friends of mine.

Not that they all had stamina issues, but when I told them about MSK, they wanted to try it too.

Even if you don’t have a prejac problem, what guy wouldn’t want to last longer in bed?

----> The word spread, and before I knew it I had at least a dozen guys OFFERING to pay me for it

Without meaning to, I actually developed a “clientele”

I was happy to help guys who struggled with prejac…

But I didn’t anticipate how many guys wanted to improve their stamina, even though some didn’t have a major problem like I did

Listen, women take longer to orgasm than men, so if you can control how long you last, you can give your woman orgasms

Yes, MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time.

Imagine the confidence and
power you’ll feel,
knowing you can
make her orgasm
with your manhood


Because YOU are in control

And when you can make a woman scream for more inside the bedroom, she will treat you with more respect outside of it.

That’s why I’ve made improving male sexual performance a pet project of mine.

So let’s talk about how YOU can get your hands on this stuff...

So let's talk about how YOU can get your hands on this stuff, as well as a few other tools I’ve discovered to not only sky-rocket your sex drive, but optimize your performance in the sack!

Over the years, I’ve developed dozens of last-longer, better-sex secrets that I want to share with you.

So today, along with MSK Stamina Fuel 
I’d like to give you my easy-to-read
straight-to-the-point guide:
“Sexual Power Tools”

“SPT” reads fast - no filler, babble or bullshit!

MSK Fuel and SPT were made for guys of all ages and backgrounds

From young men in their 20s, to older men who want to keep their vigor at peak levels.

MSK will work for you regardless of your age, race, weight, or how bad your prejac problem may be.

I’ve seen so many “1 minute men” turn into total studs with MSK and the secrets inside the SPT guide

Men like Andrew. He's 45 years old and sent us a message saying:​

And Cameron. He's 23 and says:

As you can see, I’m completely confident that MSK is the ONLY surefire, natural solution for incredible staying power, longer sessions, and intense pleasure

I’ll send you a month’s supply of MSK Stamina Fuel in easy-to-use capsule form, and you’ll get instant access to the Sexual Power Tools guide when you place your order today

So get ready for:

  • “Superman-Stamina” hard ons
  • Get ready for ANY GIRL you sleep with getting hooked on your sex
  • Massive confidence with any woman you meet, knowing you can rock her world
  • A sense of dominant masculine power
  • Her face looking up at you in awe, because you keep doing her like she’s never been done before
  • Not to mention longer more intense pleasure for you
  • And the peace of mind knowing you’ll never lose a woman to lackluster performance.

*** Now before we go any further, I should tell you...

There is some bad news

Recently, the DEA tried to ban some of the alkaloidal components in MSK. They announced it earlier this year, but the ban was postponed… TEMPORARILY.

See, in high quantities, the main alkaloid in MSK also helps alleviate chronic pain, and in moderate quantities it can act as a mood enhancer.

Now, that’s not why I take it - I only enjoy MSK in low quantities for the libido and stamina effects.

But unfortunately, when something natural helps people, guess what ?


I strongly suspect that Big Pharma corporations pushed the DEA
to control it, because the pharmaceutical cartels already got their way
in a handful of select States.

Luckily, MSK is still
completely legal and
available today,
* except in:

If you live in any other US State , you can order with complete confidence today.

But I don’t know how long this will last

Because there will likely be other attempts to snatch this harmless, powerful plant away from us real soon

Just because BIG PHARMA will stop at nothing to eliminate competition.

So it’s important that you take action now , while you can.

Supply is already limited, and going fast

Men have been flocking to this page, and many more are happily re-ordering again & again after they find out how well it works

Guys like Clay:

So before other men like Clay snatch everything up,
this is the best time to claim yours

On a better note...

You already might be imagining the mind-blowing sex you’re going to have, and wondering how much it’s going to cost?

But first, I want to ask you a question:

If you could end the humiliation and shame of premature ejaculation

And never worry about disappointing the woman yet again, and instead, super-charge your penis to go the distance, giving you and your woman body-shaking orgasms whenever you’re in the mood…

Knowing with full confidence that you have the staying power to rock her world, whenever you want…

And walking around with that deep, grounded
sense of  control  like a Sexual Man-God,

What would that be worth to you?

Think about it - you can’t really put a price on your penis. It’s the most valuable thing in your life.

And why depend on little blue pills that can cause blindness if taken for too long?

Why worry about letting a woman down?

Why risk the embarrassment and the awkwardness of making lame excuses every time you come too fast?

Why worry about being “that guy” women laugh about behind your back?

Tons of guys who’ve used MSK to explode their sex lives have told me they would have paid thousands to get their hands on it, because it’s truly priceless

The clock is ticking

So before more government fat-cats try again to lock-down this amazing supplement...


I’ll immediately ship you
a month’s supply
for just




That breaks down to less than half the price of a beer!

Oh, and shipping is always free

Listen, I want this to be a no-brainer for you

Because I know in my heart that MSK is going to end your prejac nightmare for good

And thousands of other satisfied men say the same thing

So if you aren’t totally amazed, just send the container back and I’ll give you a full refund.

It can even be opened. As long as you don’t send back an empty container, we know you gave it an honest try.

Otherwise you’ll never know how incredibly satisfying your sex life can be!

If for whatever reason it doesn’t work, I’ll return every penny no questions asked

But since it’s worked for me and thousands of other men, I’m so confident it will work for YOU, that I’m offering this generous money back guarantee.

If you want to fuel
powerful erections, and
red hot sessions
with any woman...

Then you need to
pull the trigger NOW

MSK Stamina Fuel
+ Bonuses




Click the button above. It will take you to the next page where you can quickly and easily enter your information on our secure, 256 bit encrypted form

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Checkout is easy and secure.

All your information is completely safe, and 100% private and confidential

Your order will be immediately processed and you will receive your tracking number.

And not to worry, your statement is discreet, and will simply read: “Go Beyond Inc.”

There’s no revealing packaging or labels.

If someone asks you what the capsules are, just say they are vitamins for digestive health, or to help with mental energy.

That’s what I did, and my girl is none the wiser. But she’s loving the new me that’s for sure!

When you order yours now, you’ll look back on this as the moment everything changed

The day you got your sexual power back.

The day you regained the respect of women…

A new, fun, sexy, exciting chapter in your life

No more fear of disappointing her, no more humiliation or excuses, no more pathetically short attempts at sex

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And today only, I’m gonna sweeten the can call it a friendly bribe, but it’s something I know you’re gonna love and get tons of value from

I’m going to give you an awesome guide I developed over the years for TOTAL sexual mastery.

It’s called the
Sexual Power Tools Guide

Here’s what’s inside:

>> How to make your semen taste good: this proven secret gives your man-juice a mild sweet flavor women love

>> Food and supplements to double - even triple -the size of your loads

Once she loves the taste of your cum, she’ll crave as much as she can get on her face or in her mouth

Women love big loads because it shows that you’re a virile healthy man

>> How to groom yourself so that you look sexually clean and healthy

Women are on high alert for red flags that you won’t look or smell good ‘down there’

>> Fashion tricks to draw her attention to your package, and make her crave it inside her

>> Other tested tips to increase your sex drive so you get rock-hard erections as much as you want

this is crucial for three reasons makes your unit look more impressive

Women love to see a raging hard-on
rather than a weak willy

If you’re not getting your maximum blood flow, you are not reaching your biggest size possible

Second...with a higher sex drive, you’ll exude pheromones that make women horny

pheromones are chemicals in your body scent that signal sexual health on a subconscious level

Good pheromones act like a natural sexual magnet for women

>> Games to make oral more fun and exciting

Words and phrases to make her wet with desire...and even make her want to give you oral and love every second of it

Your woman is going to have a big appetite, so you'll need to keep her fed

Your Woman is Going To Have A Big Appetite, So You'll Need To Keep Her Fed

>> Plus you’ll get some advanced kinky ideas for the bedroom that I’ve tried and tested:

  • Props
  • Toys
  • Roleplaying
  • Recording Sexy Videos
  • Doing It In Public (be careful with this one though!)
  • S&M
  • 69’ing




Also in your SPT guide, you get more…

Like I said, since I couldn’t penetrate a woman for more than a couple minutes, I learned to be very good at all the other stuff.

I spent years trying to compensate for my prejac problem.

The silver lining is that
I became a master at foreplay.

Combined with my new stamina, I am a “BONERfied” Sex God (pun definitely intended )

You will be too when you use the secrets of foreplay I’ll share with you inside Sexual Power Tools.

The perfect complement to your supply of MSK...

You’ll also learn a simple, yet incredibly effective way to increase the size of your manhood.

I’m sure you’ve seen those BS commercials claiming to make it bigger.

Well obviously you can’t grow your penis with a pill, but there is an easy exercise you can do in just 10-15 minutes a day that will MAXIMIZE your size potential.

"Most guys haven’t reached their max erection size

Your penis is like a balloon that fills with blood.

Well, if you stretch that balloon IN THE RIGHT WAY, you can fill it with more blood, making it harder, longer, and thicker.

I’m not going to lie and say you can gain 3-4 inches

But I gained a little over an inch myself, and the other guys who’ve done this exercise say the same thing.

Isn’t that crazy? Most guys could be an inch longer and thicker if they just did this exercise!

And trust me, your woman will notice that you’re bigger. They may SAY size doesn’t matter, but every woman is excited by a large healthy member on a man.

I’ll also share several
sex positions that will
increase her pleasure, and
give you even more control over
how long you last.

These aren’t your conventional “doggystyle/missionary/cowgirl” positions.

I guarantee you’ve never seen these before but they make sex soooo much better because they force the woman to orgasm twice as much as before…

And if she’s never had an orgasm, you’ll be her first. Think about how much she’ll love you after that!

I can guarantee you’ve never seen these sex positions before, even if you've read the kama sutra a dozen times!

However these positions have the unique distinction of
forcing her to orgasm 2-5x faster…

The Sexual Power Tools Guide is available for instant download on the private thank you page

All at no extra cost , when you place your order for MSK today

I know MSK works, and so do our thousands of happy customers worldwide

  What other men are saying... 

( Kirk is 32 and a Realtor in Southern California )

Gary lives in Toronto, works in chemical engineering, and is married.

Here’s what he shared:

Scott does high level tech support for a large manufacturing firm.

He’s 29 and doesn’t mince words, he says:

This is from Dale - a 51 year old asset manager at an investment bank:

So by now, I hope you can see that you no longer have to suffer the frustration and humiliation of premature ejaculation

In just a few days, you can have a whole new sex life... as well as instant access to the Sexual Power Tools Guide.

You don’t have to surrender to ejaculating so fast

After years of embarrassing performance, MY sexual confidence was at rock-bottom, and was NEVER going to get better,

Which meant I would
NEVER be able to
keep a girl around
unless I got this handled.

The big stroke of luck was finding MSK.

Think about it - I was actually AFRAID of going to bed with women, because of my prejac problem.

I was scared to make a move and didn’t bang chicks I could have.

I got dumped repeatedly.

I secretly felt inadequate to the other guys who could satisfy a woman no problem.

I had nothing to lose, and neither do you.

So now you’re at a fork in the road:

One path leads to more misery - selling yourself short, losing your self-respect, losing the respect, love, and desire of your woman...

If you’re in a relationship, you already know she is growing colder and colder because you can’t make love to her the way she needs…

Maybe she still loves you, but
she is a human being and
she needs to feel satisfied too

And by ignoring this problem instead of fixing it here, NOW, TODAY, you not only risk ruining your relationship... you could be pushing her into the arms of another man who CAN satisfy her

And could you blame her?

We both know good sex is important to any relationship.

But if you can’t last, you’ll lose your girl, your confidence, and you might end up like me - instead of getting excited about sex, you are worried about letting her down...AGAIN.

You’re not a selfish guy. You want to be able to pleasure your woman.

You’re not a selfish guy. You want to be able to
pleasure your woman.

But the way I see it, if you KNOW there’s a safe solution, and you don’t at least try it... then that really is very selfish.

Why suffer, and MAKE YOUR WOMAN SUFFER,when you can
fix all this with a few easy, safe capsules? 

It's the only smart choice, because it’s guaranteed to work, or your money back

All-night sessions of passionate, pleasurable, SATISFYING sex

And the confidence that comes from knowing you can fully satisfy your woman’s sexual needs!

or ANY woman’s sexual needs...

Because even if you’re single, you know you need to make a good first impression in the sack to keep her wanting more

It’s time you get the respect you deserve, and have the sex life you want

And be the man you were meant to be

Now is the time to make premature ejaculation a thing of the past

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And remember, you have 60 days to try MSK

If you are not totally satisfied, just send the unfinished container to the return address provided and I’ll give you every penny back, no questions asked.

So now, the choice is yours:

Continue to suffer...

Or take the easy way to begin a new life of passionate sex and the deep, loving bond with a woman, which can only happen when you are both happy and satisfied in the bedroom

Imagine the look on her face
after you’ve given her a night of long, deep, thrusting… staring up at you in amazement from
all the orgasms you pounded into her…

That’s the look that every man wants...and now you can see that look on her face, every time.

MSK is the ONLY natural, safe, and surefire solution to fixing male performance problems, and maximizing your sexual power TODAY.

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Oh and don’t forget, once you’ve banged a woman with the help of MSK, don’t be surprised when her girlfriends start acting extra nice and flirty with you.

See, when a woman is getting good sex, she can’t keep her mouth shut. Women secretly love to brag when they are getting good sex.

If you don’t mind gossip about your love-making, this is definitely a good thing, because it leads to threesomes.

I’m dead serious. I’ve had 2 threesomes, and a couple more “offers”
- I didn’t even realize my girl was a freak!

She said it’s always been her fantasy to share a man with one of her sexy friends, but she never had a guy who could last as long as me.

Obviously improving your stamina will totally change your sex life...which means it will also change your life overall, because great sex is a huge part of your happiness.

You can have all the money and success in the world, but if you’re not enjoying great sex, you’ll still be unhappy!

And I’d even make the argument that you can be totally broke, but if you’re getting hot sex on a regular basis, you’ll be pretty content.

So you gotta think...

What’s more important: money... or a great sex life?

It’s not an easy question,

The time is now. Hit that button below and let’s do this.


  1. How long does it take to see results?

Instantly. It will work the first time you take it. It does NOT require a daily discipline or regimen to work.


  1. How long does it take to take effect, and how long does it last?

It works pretty fast. I usually take it 30-60 minutes before I start fooling around with my lady. Once you take MSK, you’ll be able to enjoy the effects for a few hours. If you plan on having sex all day or night, just take another round after 2 hours.


  1. How will I know it’s working?

You won’t feel any different, except at higher doses (as I said it can have a mild focusing or relaxing affect).

But once you begin having sex, you’ll notice that even though you are hard and turned on, you won’t have that “oh no” point-of-no-return premature ejaculation urge.

You’ll have control, and be able to relax and enjoy long passionate sex.


  1. Are there any side effects?

At higher doses, MSK has been seen to create an energized, focused state in some test subjects. At even higher doses, it can cause relaxation and sometimes drowsiness.

Until you take it a few times to find out if you experience these MILD side effects, I advise you not to drive or operate any heavy machinery, just in the off chance it makes you feel ‘off’. In my experience, even at very high doses, MSK is no stronger than any mild over-the-counter allergy or cold medication.

The capsules you’ll receive are much lower doses, and you can up the dose as much as you like. Try it 2-3 times to get a sense for how you respond.

The most important thing is that at the lower, recommended dose, you won’t feel anything negative, and will have incredible sexual stamina and control over your ejaculation.


  1. Can I get it at the local vitamin shop or health food store?

Unfortunately, no. I’ve looked, and I’ve never seen MSK in pharmacies, health food stores, or vitamin shops. You can’t even get it on Amazon. This is because the main ingredient in MSK hasn’t yet been formally evaluated by the FDA. Because of this, major corporate distributors are unwilling to carry this 100% natural, 100% safe herbal supplement.


  1. I have a heart condition and high blood pressure. Is this safe?

Yes this is safe, but keep in mind, I’m not a doctor. If you have medical concerns, you should ask your doctor. You are responsible for asking your doctor for anything you do. However, there is no indication that MSK has any effect on your heart or blood pressure. If anything, it may have a mild relaxing effect on your body.


  1. Is my credit card safe?

Absolutely. I’d rather have return customers, than screw people over. There’s no motivation on my end to do anything shady. However, you don’t have to trust me.

Your transaction is protected by 256 bit encryption (the same standard as any FDIC insured bank or major online retailer). I do not ever see your credit card number. The transaction is processed securely through a “PCI-Level-1” compliant processor trusted by major brands. This is the highest level of security compliance possible.


  1. What will show up on my bill?

You don’t have to worry about anything funny showing up on your bill. All it will show is: “Go Beyond Inc.”

(or you can choose Paypal if you’d like)


  1. When will my order arrive?

Normally orders take about 4-5 days to arrive, depending on where you need yours sent.

Occasionally if there is super high demand, total delivery time can take up to 10 days, due to backup.

But like I said, normally it only takes a week or a little less, depending on where you need the package sent.


  1. Can I trust your guarantee?

Since you don’t know me, I’m not going to ask you to trust me. You trust that the transaction is secure.

If you want your money back, simply send an email to the one included in your order receipt. You can deal with me and my trusted small team directly.

I get so many orders, I have no problem refunding one guy his money. As I said, I have no interest playing games with your money. It’s just not good business, and I could get in a lot of trouble if I did.


  1. If it doesn’t work, how do I get my money back?

Try it a couple times, and if you are CERTAIN it is not working for you (which would be extremely rare), simply send back the unfinished portion and shoot me an email (provided in your receipt).

We’ll process the refund immediately (also take into consideration the normal 3-5 business days, depending on your bank.)

We don’t allow refunds for completely empty packages, because I want to make sure you actually gave it a try, an honest try. Allowing refunds for completely empty bottles returned to us would be inviting some OTHER dishonest people to abuse this generous guarantee. It’s only fair – you’re giving me a chance, so I want to give you a chance to enjoy the benefits of MSK.


  1. Will it reduce my sensitivity or delay erections?

Nope. That’s what’s great about it. It only affects your stamina, not your sensation or arousal.

In fact, since you’ll be more relaxed and confident, you can enjoy the feeling of being throbbing hard, and every sensation of your woman’s warm, wet, tightness.

You may even find that you get hard faster, since you won’t be nervous about coming too fast.


  1. Does the container say what it’s for? I don’t want to get caught with this.

I deliberately label the containers non-descript so that they look completely innocent, like a simple vitamin supplement. No one will know what it’s for unless you tell them.


  1. Will I still be able to orgasm?

Of course. What would be the point otherwise?

In fact, your orgasms will be much much more powerful and pleasurable because you will be able to build it up the longer you have sex.

Imagine how intense the explosion will be once you shoot your load after 30, 45 minutes, even an hour of sex!


  1. What if my prejac is anxiety related?

This will reduce your anxiety since you will be so confident that you can last a long time.

The great part is this still works despite anxiety, it’s simply science and biology.

If your anxiety is bad enough that you still come too fast, or have trouble getting it up, just relax, cuddle, do some foreplay (using the awesome techniques you’ll learn in the Power Tools Guide), and try again. No big deal.

Trust me, once you give her that long passionate drilling, she’ll be addicted to you. This will boost your confidence and you’ll never worry about your performance again.

The respect and admiration in her eyes, and the ecstasy in her moans, will make you like a Sex God.


  1. Will it be strange to all of a sudden last a super long time?

If your woman is used to you coming too fast, she will definitely notice the difference. But she won’t suspect you took any supplements if you don’t tell her.

Instead of treating your new stamina as the “exception,” act like your prejac was the exception. Say, “This is how I normally am. I think I was just stressed and my tension was making me come too fast.”

Or just say you’ve been trying to be more relaxed in your life, and it’s paying off.

Trust me she won’t be bothered – she’ll feel too good to care!


  1. When will “the ban” happen?

I honestly don’t know. It may happen soon, it may not. When I read that the DEA wanted to ban the main alkaloid in MSK, I was pretty upset. Luckily they gave up after a group of advocates protested.

I wish I could tell you, but I can’t… which is all the more reason to stock up now!


  1. Is this legal? What’s all this about the DEA?

Yes, this is 100% legal. I wouldn’t be able to sell it if it were illegal.

The DEA basically monitors all the substances people can take – from illegal drugs like cocaine, to legal stuff like aspirin.

What really bugs me is that amphetamines are legal, and prescribed for ADHD. In other words, METH in pill form. Opiates are prescribed for pain. Heroin in a pill, which are highly destructive and addictive chemicals.

But an herb that is natural, harmless, and has several positive uses is now “on notice.”

Just shows the corruption of our government and Big Pharma.


  1. Is this cheating?

Depends on your perspective. Is it cheating to take a multi-vitamin to support your health?

Is it cheating to take creatine to help you recover after lifting weights? It’s no different. MSK supports your sexual health.

MSK is for the kind of man who wants the edge in the bedroom, and genuinely enjoys giving women pleasure. I don’t see any ethical problems there.

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